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Hand-painted Frog painting by Nicholas John featuring the Frog from “The Frog Song” by Nicholas John. Acrylic, frog’s blood, and crayon on canvas. 8”x10”.

“Something I Made” cassette LP. Co-release by The Cabin and Citrus City. Gonzo folk. Some songs about love and loss. Other songs about government conspiracies and domesticated animals. Fun for the whole family.

“Something I Made” Track Listing and Credits

Aquaphobia 02:56
Gold Mine (Nineball Dave Gets His Revenge) 04:30 
The Tiger Song 03:18  
Ramsey Sports & Outdoors 03:25   
The Health Care Song 03:14  
Monterey Fish House Blues 02:16
Splinter 03:14
Aquaphobia (Reprise) 01:24  
You Can Knock on My Door (You Better Learn to Swim Again) 04:21
Take a Look at My Walls 04:12  
The Frog Song 06:37   
Nothing Like This Before 04:23
Recorded and written at The Cabin in Queens, NY, over the course of a year or so.

Released March 13, 2018

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Nicholas John Wetherell.

Finnegan Shanahan (mandolin on "Aquaphobia," and fiddle on "The Tiger Song.")
Cole Rotante (dobro on "Aquaphobia")
Jesse Brotter (electric guitar on "The Health Care Song," and "Nothing Like This Before." Bass on "The Tiger Song.")
Jonathan Gilad (drums on "The Tiger Song," and "Nothing Like This Before.")
Alex Futtersak (drums on "Take a Look at My Walls.")
Francesca Ferrara (alto flute on "You Can Knock on My Door.")
Isaac Baird (wood block on "You Can Knock on My Door.")

Album artwork by Clara Scholtz.
Artwork photography by Jeff Mertz.
Cassette lettering by Isaac Baird.
Cassette Layout by Alex Futtersak.
Co-released by The Cabin Records and Citrus City Records.